Oh Leverage <3s my OT3… posted because trailofdesire needs to see this vid. Also because everyone else out there who’s fond of Leverage should as well.

thingswithwings is a GENIUS.

I love this OT3 so much, so very very much, omg.

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these four give me life


these four give me life

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an accidental romance. for quiet mornings and soft nights, a little sweet and a little sad, music for the melting frost in early spring. [listen] [take it home]

01. Remember Us - Gabriel Royal
02. Paint - The Paper Kites
03. Berlin - RY X
04. Lovers Desire - Anais Mitchell
05. Munich - Corinne Baily Rae
06. Manek And Ilona - Pearl and the Beard
07. A Thousand Paper Cranes - Mono
08. Love is All - The Tallest Man On Earth
09. While We Have the Sun - Mirah

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hugs are fun, hugs are fun, hugs are fuuun


hugs are fun, hugs are fun, hugs are fuuun

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Everyone we know is trying to kill us.
Not everyone.

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What are you doing here?
Where else would we be?

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"You aren’t wrong.”

"You aren’t wrong.”

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This was your crusade. 
                                        Now it’s our war.

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contemporary 20-somethings au where they’re all bffs and have little matching star tattoos

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tw femslash week 

day six: polyamorous 

Allison/Erica/Lydia: After the three survive and graduate Beacon Hills, the trio go on a cross country road trip filled with hours of driving, laughter, greasy food, songs, star gazing, and love.

The three girls laid on the small twin bed, Lydia and Allison curled up on either side of Erica. They were listening to the constant horns and shouts of the city that never sleeps. 14 stories down the world was seemingly buzzing with life; But for the banshee, hunter, and werewolf, life was completely still.

"Hey Allison," Erica started softly, twirling a lock of the soft brunette hair with her finger.


"I’m glad we’re all here." 

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